Audit By Neeraj
🎙️ Audit by Neeraj
Basics of Audit Part-1 | CA Intermediate | Neeraj Arora #Auditislove

Basics of Audit Part-1 | CA Intermediate | Neeraj Arora #Auditislove

Podcast by Neeraj Arora, your Mentor for CA Inter & CA Final Audit.

In this podcast, I have discussed the “Basics of Auditing”. Following topics have been discussed in the podcast-

  • Meaning of Audit⁠

  • Objectives of Audit as per SA 200

  • Meaning of Misstatement

  • Meaning of AFRF

If you are appearing for the upcoming attempts of ICAI CA Intermediate Audit Exam then this podcast will definitely be of a great help.

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Audit By Neeraj
🎙️ Audit by Neeraj
This podcast is dedicated for Audit Discussions. I will be explaining important concepts of Audit and will also try to invite Industry Experts so that the listeners can not only get theoretical knowledge but can also have practical view of the Audit subject.